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Lots of families we know are giving their children a sense of belonging by teaching them about their heritage. Portraits play an important role in building a family. They are a gift you give yourself, your children, and generations to come.

When you consider the essence of every portrait is a story of the individual(s) character portrayed, it can be said that portraits created in a studio or against a painted background fall short to lending any symbolism or other storytelling attributes that represent and express who you and/or your family are. With this concept in mind, all portraits by Jeffrey H Mantler are created at a pre-determined location carefully selected by the both you and the artist in order that best depicts your character, style and personality.

Great portraits are Jeffrey H Mantler’s hallmark!  Capturing and preserving the love, affection and expressions that are uniquely your family are a labor of love to him. Photographing families in their homes or outdoors are the most beautiful and visually exciting environments for portraying the warmth and special bond between you and your loved ones.

Jeffrey H Mantler specializes in portraits that highlight your uniqueness. To begin, Mantler takes the time to learn about you and your family then interprets your feelings to create a unique portrait, and assist you with a selection of favorite poses for keepsake and display.

Mantler recognizes your family’s experience will be reflected in the final portrait, so all of his sessions are by appointment.  Unlike large photography studios, Mantler completely focuses on you; there are no waiting lines and no rushing through the process.  Mantler always schedules sufficient time to allow your family to become comfortable and have fun.

Location Sessions are perfect for expressing you or your family’s personalities! Whether your session is created at your home, the park or the Shore, Mantler offers two location sessions within the Greater Philadelphia area, one provides approximately 90 minutes and the other approximately 120 minutes. Session pricing may vary as to location.

Destination Sessions are an option for clients who are not local to Philadelphia, or just wish to have their portraits created in a special setting at a favorite destination.  Destination Sessions are a favorite for Families, Couples and Wedding portraits. Destination Sessions often include multiple locations, sometimes early morning and evening sessions to take advantage of the wonderful light and scenery often available.

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